Our team regularly compiles reports and playbooks
that all marketers will find valuable. Help yourself.

Our team regularly compiles reports and playbooks that all marketers will find valuable. Help yourself.

Should you or shouldn’t you?

As the foundations of Twitter are shifting, brands are exploring the allocation of their social media budget. Do they increase spend on other platforms, wait it out, or do they try out new platforms and opportunities. One of those emerging platforms is Mastodon. Should brands explore or invest? Here’s a quick guide.

Laptop screen with the Mastodon deck on the screen

From Problem to Profit

In all cases, when an outside force is applied to business, there are those who win and those who lose. Want to win? Prepare for growth. Want to prepare for growth? Use new and emerging problems as catalysts for growth.

The organizations that can identify and solve emerging problems are often more relevant, more timely, and more successful than those who can’t. As the chaos continues well into 2022, organizations need a framework to help contextualize and guide behaviours that will solve problems and lead to success. Our "PAC Framework" is that framework. We hope it helps.

How to apply the Think Do Say operating system to your brand.

We are fully aware that not everyone has the resources to hire Church+State to apply our Think Do Say brand operating system to their specific brand or organization. While the book and speeches are great at informing and inspiring you so you want to do it, we rarely get into the step-by-step guide as to how we do it. Until now.

In this video, we walk you through an example of how we re-launched a brand in every way - strategically, operationally, and creatively - using the exact process we use for all of our clients.




It goes without saying that the priorities for businesses amidst the COVID-19 crisis are caring for their staff and ensuring critical supply chains remain up and running.

But for marketers, while the world is on pause, your business can’t be. Marketing must continue - not just to communicate your activities during the crisis, but to protect your business and establish momentum for when normalcy returns. But how do you invest in marketing when, for most people, there are more important things than your product?

This playbook will help.