O'Go Launch


O'Go Launch

O'Go Launch

Stuff we did: Campaign Development + Broadcast + Social + Digital

Knitting has kept idle hands busy for centuries, but sorting through a knotted mess shouldn’t keep toques and sweaters
from being made. Luckily, after years and years of tangles, the revolutionary O’Go is finally here.

The term “Disruption” is usually applied to products with technological leaps, data advances, and anything else that
features the letters “AI.” But a new knitting format? You bet. The best innovations solve problems. And the O’Go solves
the most frustrating problem for knitters around the world.

Creatively, we knew that removing a barrier to knitting would inspire more projects, more enjoyment, more smiles,
more relaxation, and of course, more sweaters, hats, and scarves. It’s creativity, unleashed.

The Knitting Needle in the Haystack


dog statue that got to
wear a knitted hat


the number of times the
term “yarn barf” was
uttered on set


knitting professionals on
set to ensure the technique
was correct


the number of hours it took
to untangle the yarn